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PWC Report: Insurance industry not optimistic on Health Care Reform

HealthCareReformAs the Senate Finance Committee voted last week, a discouraging report was released from PricewaterhouseCoopers voicing new concerns from the insurance industry about the proposed health care reform legislation. A trade group, America’s Health Insurance Plans, sponsored the study and contends that some of the healthcare reform efforts being considered are poised to increase insurance premiums, more so than if no action were taken to reform healthcare in America. (For an outline of the provisions that support this claim, check out WGA’s latest installment of This Week in Health Care Reform.)

The PWC report got a great deal of press but politicians have not had time to digest the content and refute any of the findings. Reaction to this will, no doubt, be forthcoming. Meantime, spokespeople for the White House and the Senate Finance Committee separately discredit the report by saying it is only designed to benefit the health insurance industry, not reflect the true meaning and impact that healthcare reform can have in America.

Click here for a look at the entire This Week in Health Care Reform series, an ongoing summary of the major developments in national the debate on health care reform.

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