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First national drug and saftey network will help limit liability

drug safetyThe recent merger of the iconic Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR®) found in every physician’s office, clinic and hospital, with the Health Care Notification Network (HCNN), the only network that delivers FDA-required drug Alerts to physicians and other prescribers online, has created a new combined service that provides FDA-required Alerts, monthly specialty-specific clinical updates and a copy of the 64th edition of the PDR with regular insert updates to all to medical providers. This effort to minimize “information errors” is a crucial step for prescribers of medicines across the healthcare spectrum.

“The PDR-HCNN combination is a logical and powerful service that supports patient safety,” said Nancy Dickey, MD, past-president of the American Medical Association (AMA) and chair of the not-for-profit iHealth Alliance board, which governs the HCNN. “Physicians, other prescribers, manufacturers, the FDA and, of course, patients all need streamlined and coordinated processes to ensure that product safety information is delivered in a timely and up-to-date fashion.”

According to the newly formed PDR Network, this merger will also assist medical providers in limiting their professional liability by giving them immediate access to the latest drug information. This is expected to increase patient safety and increase the number of better outcomes.

From a practical risk management standpoint, access to this information should be highlighted in the underwriting process of medical providers. Underwriters are constantly seeking evidence of “best practices” within an treatment environment. Access and use of the combined resources of the PDR and the HCNN should enhance that fact for subscribers to the network.

(Click here for more information from WGA’s Healthcare Practice)

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