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Health insurance blame game: Instead of attacking each other, let’s attack the problem

Everyone seems to agree that health insurance premiums are too expensive and that the rate of increase is much too high. But who’s to blame for this? You might hear the buzz about the unhealthy state of the American population and our historic high levels of obesity and diabetes and other chronic health conditions. You might even see a little finger pointing at the drug companies for their huge marketing budgets and direct-to-consumer advertising. But by far, most of the blame is levied on the health insurance companies. But there’s a major piece of the healthcare equation that is missing in most of the dialog; that of the healthcare provider.

We saw this nationally with the recent passage of the PPACA (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act). Quite a bit of the legislation Read more…

Ask the Experts: Network security & privacy liability

Legislation on both the federal and state levels, has many of corporate insurance buyers feeling anxious about security and privacy. This installment of “Ask the Experts” takes a look at the coverages available and questions to ask when analyzing these coverages.

Technology sector M&A activity looks promising

The first quarter saw an increase in M&A activity in the global tech sector, according to a report out last week from Ernst & Young. The report also highlights conditions that indicate significant growth in technology M&A activity for the remainder of 2010. At the heart of every merger or acquisition is the allocation between the parties of the risks and liabilities inherent in the deal.

The inability of the parties to agree upon the appropriate allocation of these risks and liabilities often manifested in disagreements over the precise language of the representations and warranties. The scope of the indemnification provisions and/or the appropriate type of security to support the indemnity, is often the reason that otherwise mutually beneficial deals fail to reach completion. Read more…

Healthcare reform is upon us

For good or bad, the Federal model contains several similarities to the Massachusetts Health Reform Law. If they would bother to look north, Washington could learn a thing or two about the effectiveness and pitfalls of poorly designed reform. The Massachusetts model, now three years in, has hit its coverage goals of 97% but is quickly devolving in to a financial burden for all involved. In the past year, several urban hospitals have been forced to sue the state for under reimbursement; the Governor has artificially capped the medical premiums to a point that may bankrupt some insurers; the insurers in turn are suing the state Read more…

A conversation with Andrew Agnew of JLT

I recently had a chance to catch up with Andrew Agnew, Chairman of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited (JLT Group) of London. He has almost 30 years in the insurance industry with experience in all areas of the marine and non-marine market. Our conversation was on the heels of the oil rig explosion Read more…