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Taking the risk out of international growth

Today every company faces some kind of global challenge. We held an hour-long webcast earlier today that explored the complexities of protecting an international operation and spoke specifically on how to protect executives and board members, whether traveling overseas or those managing from the U.S. The list of nuances to consider within certain countries is endless, but we managed to touch on those that we see most often. We explored different exposures that foreign resident directors face when serving on the board of an international company, including the potential for both civil and criminal liabilities. For example, did you know that officers can be held personally liable in France if deemed to have mismanaged a company, or that a breach of data privacy in the U.K. is considered a criminal offense? We also touched on some countermeasures that can be taken to protect directors, officers and other management in these situations. If you have execs traveling overseas or coordinate a global insurance program, the recording of the presentation is worth checking out.

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