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Taking inventory – organizing and protecting what you own

Year-end seems like an an opportune time to offer some thoughts on how to catalogue and inventory items that are valuable to you. Given the potential increase during the Holidays to what you own, perhaps 2011 maybe a good year to get a handle on all your valuable belongings. Why? Knowing exactly what you own, the value and where it is allows you to make better decision when it comes to security, insurance, and gifting.

For those of you who might enjoy self-managing this process there are a number of very good software programs that help catalogue & inventory your holdings. Benefits of this method is having first hand knowledge of your inventory, cost savings, a flexible timeline. WGA’s recommended product in this area is called Collectivity, more information can be found at their website: www.collectify.com.

The other option is using a full-service operation which provides turn-key programs for cataloguing, inventory management, appraisals, and art advisory services such as restorations & conservation. Two firms in this field are – Asset Archives, Inc. (recommended by Chubb) and Collector Services (recommended by Chartis).

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