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Talking with Scott Brown about PPACA

I had the opportunity today to enjoy lunch with Senator Scott Brown and a small group of industry colleagues. We spoke for over an hour on many different topics, and I found the Senator well-informed, passionate in his convictions, and committed to push for issues that he believes will get the country back on track and begin to create jobs. We spent much of the time discussing the poorly developed law that has come to be known as PPACA, Health Care Reform or ObamaCare. The flaws are deep and the implications significant to businesses and our economy. Senator Brown, as well as other lawmakers I spoke with, are troubled by the projections that the law does little to help employers or the costs of healthcare.

We discussed the recent success of the 1099 repeal, a part of the law that no one is taking ownership for, but was stuffed in to PPACA late to increase tax revenues from businesses to help fund the plan. The Senator then laid out his next priority under PPACA repeal, repealing the Med Device Tax. As many of WGA’s clients are Medical Device firms and directly penalized by this provision, I agreed that this should be the Senator’s next priority. He is well versed on with multitude of Massachusetts-based med device firms who will take a significant financial hit from this tax. He is confident that he will be successful in this effort.

Senator Brown and Senator Susan Collins of Maine, whom I had the opportunity to hear speak yesterday, are making PPACA repeal a top priority, during this Congress. They understand that, as written, the bill does little to control costs, will add significantly to the debt, and place even larger burdens on businesses, struggling to provide competitive benefit plans.

WGA is committed to continue to work with lawmakers on issues that impact our clients. WGA is a very active member in the Washington DC based Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB). This year’s CIAB conference focused on the latest developments in health reform, with policy makers from both sides of the debate, including a briefing from the individual at HHS, responsible for setting up all of the state exchanges. More to follow on our productive meetings.


About the Author

Christopher Nadeau is a Principal at William Gallagher Associates (WGA) and head of the Employee Benefits Group. Mr. Nadeau counsels his department to develop and redesign employee benefits programs to match the corporate philosophy, long-term needs and objectives of their clients. He is also an industry leader on Healthcare reform and the cost impact and administrative burden on employers.

617.646.0351 | CNadeau@wgains.com | Follow Chris @Chris_Nadeau

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