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Quick check to see if your confidential information has been hacked

The recent avalanche of news about stolen email addresses and/or passwords (Epsilon, Sony, Sega) is making people wonder if their confidential information has been wrongfully obtained by hackers. A new website, conveniently named “Should I Change My Password?” , makes it easy to see if your sensitive consumer information is in 13 publicly available databases that contain more than 800,000 stolen records. These databases have been published by hackers, such as LulzSec and Anonymous, who claim to be hacking for fun or to make a political point.

This site was created by a technology professional who says he wanted to give people an easy way to see if they have been affected by recent hacks, and also some basic advice about creating and using passwords safely. To check if your information is in the database of hacked records, go to the site and enter your email address in the space provided. The site promises not to store your email address. The site’s creator says he will update the site if more hacked databases are made available.

The site cannot of course provide definitive answers about the security of your confidential information. But as increasing volumes of stolen personal and corporate data is being made available to people who intend to use the information criminally, the site can be a useful reminder that individuals and businesses must be vigilant if they are to have any hope of staying ahead of identity and data thieves.

Connect with John Doernberg on LinkedIn.

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