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Blurred deadlines of Obamacare implementation

opEd-pricingThe past 12 months The WGA Health Reform Consulting Team has been working with clients and prospects at breakneck speed, getting them ready and compliant for the 2014 employer mandates forced upon us by the new health care reform law. The confusing and often contradictory components of the regulations has made getting companies in to compliance a challenging and often frustrating exercise. WGA’s clients like many companies across the United States, have worked hard historically to be great corporate citizens in providing their employees a competitive and affordable healthcare program. However these same companies have been in the crosshairs of Obamacare, faced with inevitable penalties, taxes and compliance obligations under the Obamacare law; a law that penalizes companies for providing an affordable level of coverage for their employees and encourages dumping employees in to tax subsidized state programs or Exchanges.On the eve of another holiday weekend, a release was issued by the Obama Administration, delaying key components of the employer mandates until 2015, or after mid-term elections. A year ago, the CLASS act was cancelled on a Friday night about this same time, erasing $60 billion of Obamacare revenue, and the prior Christmas Eve we were surprised to see a welcomed suspension as we scrambled to undo plan discrimination regulations set to be implemented in 6 days.

Employers who ignored the new regulations can take a deep breath and ignore the requirements for another 12 months, for those that spent time, energy and revenue to jump through the Obamacare hoops in 2012 and 2013 , they can check the boxes, unless the political winds change again in the next 18 months.

(For the latest information on Health Reform, visit Health Reform Advisory Corner)

About the Author

Christopher Nadeau is a Principal at William Gallagher Associates and head of the Employee Benefits Group. Mr. Nadeau counsels his department to develop and redesign employee benefits programs to match the corporate philosophy, long-term needs and objectives of their clients. He is also an industry leader on Healthcare reform and the cost impact and administrative burden on employers.

617.646.0351 | CNadeau@wgains.com | Follow Chris @Chris_Nadeau

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