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A look at 2016 casualty insurance landscape

 As we settle into the New Year, increased geopolitical instability and cyber-attacks are causing more organizations to prepare for and respond to internal and external threats. Even with these uncertainties, the casualty market has a stable outlook for 2016. Premiums are growing in line with the economy and the necessity of mandatory coverages, such as auto, home and commercial property, help strengthen the sector. With the stability, however, does come some challenges.

These challenges surround unknown and unplanned events that could come up, such as manmade or natural catastrophes that leave companies struggling. In order for companies to properly address these casualty challenges and potential threats, companies should have a well-crafted and comprehensive casualty program.  It will leave you better prepared to face the ever-changing risk landscape.

About the Author

David BardelliDavid Bardelli is an Area Senior Vice President of Gallagher WGA in the Broker Services Division and is the Northeast Division Casualty Resource. Mr. Bardelli has extensive knowledge with casualty risks, including technology healthcare, business services, and miscellaneous manufacturing groups of all sizes.

617.646.0257 | David_Bardelli@ajg.com | Connect with David on LinkedIn

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