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The importance of workplace and personal safety programs

police_tapeThis week’s tragic shooting in Roanoke, Virginia evokes many emotions and serves as a reminder of the importance of workplace and personal safety. As people were starting their day, many witnessed the shooting on live television of WDJB-TV reporter Alison Parker, and photographer Adam Ward by a former employee of the station who was fired in 2013. Unfortunately, workplace violence is a much more common occurrence than you may think. The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries’ most recent statistics show that there were 518 workplace homicides in 2010, with shootings accounting for 405 of them. In regards to nonfatal violent crimes in the workplace, the National Crime Victimization Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, published in 2011, reported a total of 572,000 incidents in 2009 alone.  Read more…

The inherent risk surrounding nutraceuticals

May 20, 2015 Leave a comment

pills2Nutraceuticals, a $30 billion industry in the United States, come in the form of capsules, bars, drinks, lotions, pills, and powders. The medical and therapeutic benefits they claim to offer vary from renewed sexual drive, to enhanced athletic performance, to fewer wrinkles. Many are nutritional supplements which, according to JAMA Internal Medicine, were taken by 45 percent of people to “improve” and 33 percent of people to “maintain” overall health. However, only 23 percent of products were recommended by a healthcare provider.

When taking dietary supplements, bear in mind that they are not required to be tested or registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA’s job in oversight is primarily registering facilities, confirming those facilities are operating within proper manufacturing practices, and investigating products after they hit the shelves. Nutraceutical companies may assert that their product has been Read more…

Snow removal vital in preventing slip and fall case liablity

snow_ice02In addition to worrying about potential storm damages from this season’s record snowfall, New England property owners need to be aware of a recent decision in Massachusetts case law which changes the way that courts look at weather-related slip and fall incidents.

For many years, Massachusetts courts based decisions surrounding slip and fall accidents in regards to whether the cause of the fall was due to natural accumulation of snow and ice. In basic terms, if the property owner took precautions to remove snow in a reasonable manner, then the law would find in their favor. Read more…

Personal Security: Making your life and your family more secure

August 5, 2014 Leave a comment

home-securityDespite taking obvious pre-cautions to avoid crimes like break-ins or theft, many people fail to recognize the level of exposure they face when it comes to these risks. The issue is especially concerning for high net-worth individuals and families of extreme wealth, who often have more accounts, larger credit lines and several people handling their personal information and assets.

Still, it’s easy for someone living an affluent lifestyle to feel overly confident about their safety and forget that they may be a prime target. Therefore, the best means of defense requires reducing those opportunities and lessening your attractiveness as a target.

Below is a list of relatively simple steps to take to improve your overall safety in two areas that are often overlooked: home security and cyber security: Read more…

Indemnification – be careful what you sign for

January 14, 2013 1 comment

Man's Hands Signing DocumentThese days, legal waivers and release forms are a part of modern (and for some of us, daily) life. Whether renting a car, using a credit card or accessing information from the Web, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to sign some sort of agreement. Many of us barely read most of it. While they may seem long and tedious, the reality is that indemnities transfer significant risk to consumers and in many cases end up costing money. While your homeowner’s policy and umbrella liability will cover direct costs for legal fees and judgment, these policies will not pay to defend a Hertz or Amazon because you signed their agreement.

If you will permit an editorial note – these one-sided indemnities are, while not illegal, push the outer limits of commercial balance and fairness. Furthermore, without realizing it, signing these forms Read more…

Art as an asset – now is the time for reappraisals

Investors, take note. While the future of the economic climate may not be clear, there is at least one market on the upswing – art collecting. While there’s no doubt that the financial crisis struck the art world hard in recent years, with famous art museums across the country saw endowments shrink and faced budget cuts and staff layoffs,  values within the fine art community seems to be moving upward.

Based on data from Artprice quoted in Barclay’s Wealth’s 2011 report Profit or Pleasure? Exploring the Motivations Behind Treasure Trends, last year marked the best year ever for sales of art at auction.  Large auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s both showed increases in annual sales and profits. Art investment has become a strategic way for many investors to diversify their portfolios and distribute their assets Read more…

Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan explained

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

The Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) can be extremely complicated and confusing to understand. This is our basic introduction to how SDIP works, and how it will impact your insurance premiums.

The SDIP is a program created by state law that encourages safe driving with lower auto insurance premiums for drivers who do not cause accidents or commit traffic violations. It also ensures that high-risk drivers who do cause at fault accidents and have traffic violations pay a greater premium.

Types of surchargeable incidents:

  • Accidents – You receive surcharge points if you are more than 50% at-fault for a motor vehicle accident that results in damage to property or bodily injury of more than $500. Read more…