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Latest cyber news: Data breach at top hospital MGH

cyber_massgenYour weakest cyber security leak may be outside your own network. In another demonstration of how an organization can face significant financial and reputational exposure from another’s failure of cyber security, Massachusetts General Hospital announced on this week that one of its vendors suffered a cyber breach — on the vendor’s own network — that exposed more than 4,000 records of MGH patients. Some of the compromised information may have included patient names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

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MA decision imposes duty on commercial landlords to remedy unsafe conditions

On March 1, 2011, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts determined for the first time that a law which concerns a landlord’s duty to make repairs when notified of an unsafe condition, now applies to all commercial landlords in the state. As a result of the case of Bishop v. TES Realty Trust, commercial landlords in Massachusetts are required to remedy unsafe conditions that exist anywhere on a leased premises once they are given proper notice. The decision alters the long-standing common law rule that landlords are only obligated to make repairs to common areas or when they specifically contract to make repairs. And ultimately will expand landlords’ liability to tenants, and most likely expand their liability to third parties, even when the underlying lease provides that the tenant bears the duty of maintenance and repair.

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